Advanced PostHog analytics

Advanced PostHog analytics

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Advanced PostHog Analytics

Goal: Improve knowledge of your users, by collecting specific events to drive a better behavior-understanding, leading to tailor-fit charts to monitor the right KPI for your business.
If you don’t have PostHog configured for your app yet, take a look at
Noloco essentials analytics using PostHog
I usually recommend starting with the “custom” integration first, see how it goes, and how we go from there to build the advanced integration your business needs. Usually, this approach saves you money, because you will understand better what you can achieve by yourself using PostHog directly. And make a more sensible decision about whether I should build more things for you.


  • Discuss together to help you understand if what you need can be achieved by yourself, without requiring any coding skills
  • Track events that are meaningful for your business
  • Convert those “raw events” into meaningful charts and dashboard to better monitor your KPIs


Clients who need my help regarding advanced analytics usually need me because:
  • They don’t know how to build a specific chart
  • They’re unsure about what graph to use for a particular KPI
  • They know they don’t collect the necessary data and want to adapt the script
  • They need to collect some data in a different way to get more accurate results (e.g: custom actions, etc.)
  • They need training on learning how to use PostHog more effectively
If you want to give me this mission, I suggest asking yourself a few questions beforehand:
  • What do you need? What is important for your business? I’ll be glad to discuss with you and make some recommandations on-the-go, but you should have a few key-needs and KPIs you want to track to make this mission fruitful.
  • Do you need to improve the data collection only? Or to build your charts, too? Sometimes, it might be necessary to add some custom events in your existing PostHog JS script, if the KPIs you want to track aren’t yet doable because PostHog lacks some data ingestion. Alternatively, I can guide you about how to do that from PostHog UI (using their “Actions”), if that’s a better fit (it really depends on the use-case). In any case, I’ll be happy to also build your charts for you, if you don’t know how to do it, or don’t have the time for that. Having a proper understanding of what you need and which part should be done by myself will help you take the right decision (and save money, or time).

Duration of the mission

There is no “average duration” for this mission, it really comes down to what you need, what must be done by myself, and what you can or want to do yourself. Simple stuff can take 10 minutes, other things might take hours.


Here is a list of things I need to get started:
  • Admin access to PostHog account
  • Admin or user access to the app where the tracking happens
    • Admin account might be necessary to configure the scripts
    • User account is necessary for doing testing
  • An airtable “Creator” account is useful for testing purposes
    • That’s not a blocker, you can create those test accounts for me, if giving me access to the database is an issue


Here is a short demo of the kind of result you might want for you business:
Video preview

👀 A peek behind the wheels - why do I even need a developer?

When building custom charts to help better visualize your KPIs, a developer can help:
  • By adapting the PostHog script in such a way that collecting some data makes it easier to analyze and build meaningful KPIs
  • But besides that, you don’t necessarily need a seasoned dev, what you need is rather:
    • A PostHog Expert, who will know exactly what data you need to collect, how it needs to be collected and how to extract your KPIs out of it, in a visual and meaningful way
      • I don’t consider myself as a PostHog Expert, but I know the basics of what a business usually needs, and I’ve been using it since 2021
    • Or anyone who can learn and deliver results fast. That someone can be yourself, myself, or someone else, dev or not!
      • I do learn quickly, and my entrepreneur journey has taught me quite a lot of things about what a business needs, what KPIs to be mindful of, and I understand quickly what you really need!
I will know how to do most of what you ask for, if I don’t then I’ll be straightforward with you, as it will require more time on my side to accomplish my mission (and my time is essentially your money).