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My name is Ambroise Dhenain. (”Am-brwahz”)
I'm an entrepreneur, software developer, open-source author, and no-code fan.
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🚀 Shaping futures through education: My 🇫🇷 journey to social impact

From my initial fascination with technology to becoming an impassioned advocate for educational empowerment, my journey reflects the profound ability of education to catalyze individual transformation and drive societal growth.
Moving from a keen interest in technology to a leading role in combining technological innovation with educational initiatives, my career showcases my unwavering commitment to employing innovation for societal upliftment.
At the heart of my professional life is a fervent passion for devising innovative solutions to complex challenges, particularly those that bridge the gap between technology and accessible education.
My dedication to creating impactful change through technology and education has consistently propelled me to seek innovative avenues for contribution and meaningful impact.
In 2018, the inception of Unly marked a pivotal point in my entrepreneurial voyage, presenting me with the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of technological leadership, strategic development, and the dynamism of startup growth. My tenure at Unly allowed me to lead in technology, cultivate a culture of trust and empowerment, and tackle the intricacies of business scaling. My involvement extended far beyond the technological aspects, covering critical areas like legal compliance, human resource management, and the strategic structuring of company operations. This diverse range of responsibilities highlights a deep-seated approach to entrepreneurial leadership, illustrating my dedication to influencing every dimension of our organization’s development and ideology.
However, it is in 2021, with Propulseo, that my commitment to social impact has found its most profound expression. Co-founding Propulseo has enabled me to channel my efforts towards leveling the playing field for young people by democratizing access to professional opportunities. My work transcends Unly, incorporating mentoring, and volunteering to harness technology's potential in fostering educational empowerment and social equity.
My journey underscores the significance of community, the transformative power of mentorship, and an enduring commitment to innovation. As I venture forward, exploring new technological and entrepreneurial landscapes, my focus remains on imparting knowledge, facilitating growth, and making an enduring difference in the world through the lens of education and social impact.

My passions

I absolutely love to build. Oh and figure out problems the smart way, too.
Products, games, websites, IoT — I love using my technical skills to build cool & interesting things.
In my spare time, I work on open source projects related to Next.js, TypeScript, Airtable, etc.
I specialize in generalizing.
I love being able to contribute value across different ladders of abstraction, all the way from the highest levels of business strategy down to the lowest levels of implementation details.
My core competency is full stack product development, but my focus on generalizing makes me an ideal early stage co-founder and partner. I dislike working alone, and I’m most motivated by the people around me. I focus on security, maintainability, scalability and I love to KISS.
Combining this passion with the right team and problem space is where you'll find me at my absolute best.


I grew up in Aix en Provence, in the South of France, and fell in love with programming during my childhood.
I studied computer science at Exia.Cesi, and I had the chance to experience living abroad in Aarhus, Denmark in 2014. I now live in Lyon, France with my loving wife.
I'm currently co-founder and CTO at Unly, on a mission since 2017 to facilitate access to higher education for everyone.
Since I joined Unly in late 2017, I learned about a ton of things, and most of them aren’t even related to my core skills: Management, HR, recruiting, legal, GDPR, contract, leadership, internal organization, mentoring, product (from design to production), and of course a few deep technical stuff such as Serverless, AWS, Vercel, Next.js and obviously a few well-picked no-code tools (Airtable, Zapier, Integromat, n8n, Stacker and many more).
Here are some of the most noteworthy projects that I've worked on:
  • Propulseo - An association which improves employability by financing and mentoring students, through partner companies.
    • 💡
      If you would like to finance and/or mentor students through your company, get in touch with me!
  • Unly Solidarity - A website for students to find about all the financing solutions at their disposal based on their background and situation (2019)
    • We released it during the 2019 Covid crisis to help students during that crazy period
    • It’s a product we usually rent to Higher Education institutions (SaaS B2B2C)
  • Next Right Now - An open-source boilerplate to help build production-grade websites using Next.js and Vercel (2018)
    • Almost all “with-code” websites I’ve built since then use NRN, its “multi single-tenancy” capabilities are core of our everyday business
    • 💡
      I’m very much proud of it, as hundreds of developers have found it useful. Although, I have no idea how many of them actually use it as a boilerplate 🤷🏻
  • Student Loan Calculator - A web-based tool for students to understand how bank loans work, and what it actually costs (2017)
    • It’s an SDK meant to be included in other projects
    • 💡
      It’s only relevant for loans made by French banks
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