Streamlined JS scripts deployment pipeline (CI/CD, GitHub)

Streamlined JS scripts deployment pipeline (CI/CD, GitHub)

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Streamlined JS scripts deployment pipeline (CI/CD), GitHub

Goal: Configure a GitHub repository where the source code I write for any of your apps is stored. Make changes deployed automatically online so your apps are updated using a CI/CD process. (following best development practices)


  • A GitHub repository is created within my GitHub organization, and can be shared with you (on-demand)
  • This repository contains all source code written for any of your apps
  • GitHub provides accountability, historicity and track record (you can know what was changed, when, by whom), it act as a single point of truth
  • Scripts can be restored from a previous version (unlike any SaaS provider out there, like Noloco, Airtable or Stacker)
    • If you lose any script or piece of code, you can simply find it back there (or ask me to find it for you)
  • Public CDN for JS scripts (only if you need custom scripts for Noloco/Stacker):
    • Within the GitHub repository is configured an automation that automatically update JS scripts hosted on a CDN (that is managed by DNA PC, for you)
    • This way, whenever a new changes happens on the repository “main” branch, your apps are automatically updates
    • This helps avoiding any manual modification (which would require an admin access) and allow myself to change production source code on your behalf, automatically
    • Essentially, this saves you time and money, because everything is automated
      • I.e: You won’t have to waste time asking the Stacker support to update your app’s scripts for you
    • This public CDN is managed and owned by DNA PC, but it is possible to move it to your own AWS Account (on-demand). I can do it myself (as a paid gig), or it can be done by other developers, it’s up to you
    • The repository is documented about how the internal works, so that you stay in control and can decide to self-host at any time

About the GitHub repository

This is a “built-in” service, it is always included. The setup happens during the first mission.
It cannot be opt-out, as it’s part of my workflow to ensure things are well structured, professional, and ensure all my work can be passed on to your own developers, at any point in the future.
I grant read-only access to the repository on-demand. (free) I also grant write-level access to the repository on-demand. (free)
The GitHub repository comes along a set of utilities and scripts, to help you customize your no-code apps.

About the Public CDN

If you request my services for anything related to Noloco/Stacker custom script, I’ll automatically add the public CDN.
This is also a “built-in” service that can be opt-out on-demand, and can also be hosted on your own AWS Account instead of mine.
I don’t usually mention it at the beginning, because it makes sound things more complicated than they really are. Consider it as a way for you to save time and money, and give you more flexibility about who can update and maintain the custom scripts of all your no-code apps configured on the repository. This is what professional teams use for real products, it’s on-par with best programming practices.

Any question?

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you’d like more details about how it works. Clients usually don’t care - as long as everything works and they don’t have unexpected fees.
If you’re concerned with “vendor lock-in”, don’t be. One of the -many- reasons I decided to go that path was because it makes it all so much easier to share the work that’s been done by a consultant to another consultant. (which is, to be honest, usually a huge mess)
I also hate wasting time re-doing things over and over, and streamlining deployment using a CI/CD process make things really smooth, simple, and predictable. You probably don’t want me to bill you for copy/pasting code over and over, don’t you?