Airtable scripting and automations

Airtable scripting and automations

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Airtable scripting and automations

Goal: Implement scripts, formulas and/or Extensions adapted to your business needs. Additionally, I provide live formations, and can also record videos about how/why I do things the way I do, if you wish to learn from me.
Founders and consultants usually rely on me as a stepping stone to become more independent and achieve more things by themselves!

Use cases

Here are a few examples of what my clients are in need for:
  • Complex formula
    • Here are a few examples of what I can do for you (and it’s only the tip of the iceberg)
  • Complex automations/scripts
    • Upload Airtable Attachments to Cloudinary/CloudFront CDN (when button is clicked, when automation triggers, etc.)
    • I’ve integrated Airtable with Zapier, Make, N8n, Google Calendar, Slack, Gmail, SendGrid Emails, SendGrid SMS, VideoAsk, and plenty more…


If you want to give me a Airtable scripting mission, I suggest asking yourself a few questions beforehand:
  • Clear understanding of what is the problem you want to solve Sometimes you’ll also know how to solve it, but it’s fine if you don’t, as it is part of my job to come up with a solution that fits your situation. Keep in mind that I usually take a step back in order to understand your business better, so that I can make up my own opinion about what the issue is and how to best solve it.

Average duration of the mission

There is no “average duration” for this mission, it really comes down to what you need, what must be done by myself, and what you can or want to do yourself. Simple stuff can take 10 minutes, other things might take hours.